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New Product, New Look, Same Plant Based Ingredients

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My hair was very dry and frizzy so I decided to purchase this box, and I immediately loved it. After the first use there was a huge difference in my curls. My hair is softer and my curls are more defined now. I am so happy because this was exactly what my hair needed.

Kemely B.

I went to my hairstylist today and after she blow dryed my hair, she told me that my hair wasn’t flaky this time! I hadn’t even told her I tried a new product for dry scalp. Can’t wait to continue using this!

Alexandra B.

Say Farewell to Split Ends...

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We Want You To Trust Your Body...

We firmly believe that your scalp has all of the tools to take care of your hair, it just needs the proper environment to do so. All of our products are made to balance your scalps PH, maintain a healthy sebum level, and give your scalp and hair a much needed boost of nourisment!

We Want You To Be Healthy...

70% of Afro-texture hair care products contain harmful chemicals. Those with Afro-texture are 30% more likely to have chemicals like Lye, Formaldehyde and or Petroleum in their system. We are harmful chemical free and rely on plants you know, like cucumber or apple, to power our products.

We Want To Help You Help The Planet

The harmful chemicals found in hair care not only affect our bodies, but have also made lasting impacts on our environment as well. They are found in our soil, in our water, and in the wildlife we share this planet with. We want to help you make a small step in the right direction, by giving you a cleaner, earth safe hair care option.

The Dynamic Wash Day Duo

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