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Matcha Mojito Kombucha

The fun thing about a summery kombucha, is that on a random Wednesday at noon, you can absolutely trick yourself into thinking you're drinking a fun little cocktail. This past year, like a lot of us, I have come to really enjoy a cocktail. I've experimented negroni's, manhattans and dirty martinis.  I've hosted whiskey tastings just for myself and have really figured out my way around a shaker.
But now, as one of the darkest years of our lives is starting to brighten, I have decided to 
trade my martini glass for something healthier!
In the spirit of self care, summertime and vacations, I wanted to keep this recipe tropical esc! 
For me, mojitos are the perfect summer drink, combining refreshing mint with tart lime screams "Yes, I'm delicious".
And if there is anything love more than kombucha, and I drink kombucha daily, its matcha. Matcha is king tea for me. The perfect pick me up without any sort of crash. Refreshing, smooth, absolutely Devine! It is my summer morning go to drink, actually lets be honest it is my summer all day go to drink. So it was a no brainer to bring together two of my favorite summer beverages to ring in the this new chapter! 
If this is your first time making kombucha, don't worry. Its actually pretty simple to make
and hard to mess up, as long as you keep everything extremely clean and sanitized. Wash everything your are going to use and then wash it again. This will prevent bad bacteria from growing and will give the pro-biotics from your SCOBY the perfect environment to thrive in
Let me know if you end up loving this kombucha as much as I do (I've made and drank 3 batches already) and I will be back again with another one next month!






Matcha Mojito Kombucha

Two 24 oz Mason Jars

Three Cups of Water

Three to Five Matcha Tea Bags

Ten to Twelve Mint Leaves, One Half Muddled

One Quarter Cup of Honey

One Quarter Cup of Starter Kombucha 

One Quarter Cup of Lime Juice

Two Limes, Cut in Half

One Healthy SCOBY

Cheese Cloth


In a medium pot bring 3 cups of water to a boil. Once at rolling boil, turn off the burner. Add the honey, tea bags and whole mint leaves to the pot, and let the tea come down to room temperature. 
In one of the mason jar pour in the lime juice, starter kombucha, the muddled lime leaves and the cut limes (I added the ones that I cut for the lime juice). 
Once the tea has cooled down, pour it into the mason jar and top it off with your SCOBY. Cover the top of the jar with your cheese cloth and secure tightly. 
Store the jar in a dark place for 1-2 weeks, or until the first fermentation is complete. Remove the SCOBY from the first jar and strain the kombucha into the second mason jar. Screw on the lid tightly for second fermentation. This should last 3-4 days or until carbonated. 
Place the jar in the refrigerator to stop fermentation and enjoy!

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